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Zirconite ZQ9h Kit - Total Protection

ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating 

Permanent bond quartz (glass) coating
 Superb, high gloss, multi-surface protective sealant. Advanced chemical & corrosion resistance: unaffected by repeated washing cycles from ph2 to ph13.5.

Durable: single coat up to 4 years, additional layers can extend life and durability up to 10 years with ZC Boosta maintenance Program.

Forms a permanent bond to all surfaces: coating can only be removed by abrasion
Oxidation and UV resistant
Scratch resistant: pencil test hardness 9h.
Increases & protects gloss levels

The Lotus Leaf effectDramatic water repelling properties: minimises water spotting.
Super hydrophobic nano “lotus-leaf effect” ensures surfaces stay cleaner for longer, repelling dirt and soiling even in the harshest climates.

ZQ9h permanent bond quartz coating is available in various kits for professional application.




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Zirconite interior and exterior coatings are fully warranted if applied by a accredited Zirconite detailer. Click on the link below: