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Exterior Protection

ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating

Permanent bond quartz (glass) coating complete with Zirconite Panel-Prep  …read more

Zirconite Nano Glaze 

The Zirconite Paint Protection System is a unique blend of PTFE and acrylic resins  … read more

Zirconite ZC Boosta

Reactive booster coating, increases durability, longevity and hydrophobic properties of all Zirconite Coatings  …read more

Zirconite Panel-Prep

Super-efficient, hi-active cleaner-degreaser for preparation of painted surfaces, wheel rims and glass …read more 


Exterior Protection — Alloy Wheels

Zirconite ZQ5 Quartz Rim Coating 

Extreme protection – Zirconite ZQ5 keeps rims cleaner for longer!  …read more

Exterior Protection — Bead-Magik and See-Clear

Zirconite Bead-Magik
Advanced Super Hydrophobic Coating 

Maintains and enhances the magical water beading effect of paint finish coatings  … read more

Zirconite See-Clear in action

Zirconite See-Clear
Nano-Tech Rain Repellent

Nano-technology gives your automotive glass extreme hydrophobic, water repellent properties  … read more

Interior Protection — Leather, Fabric, Carpets and Cabriolet Hoods

Zirconite Leather Shield Kit  

Invisible and breathable barrier providing long-life protection to most types of leather upholstery and trim  …read more

Zirconite Fabric Protector  

Invisible non-tacky micro-resin protection for interior carpets, fabric seats and cabriolet hoods …read more